Prophetic dream number 1


For a time I was receiving dreams of the end times on a regular basis. This was roughly sometime in the eighties. The exact timeline I do not recall as at that time I was not saved and was still into the New Age beliefs. I did believe in Yahusha/Jesus but to me at that point I felt He was just a really good and spiritual person and the bible held no esteem in my eyes. But I also might add that even though I would openly say these things, I also could not follow a religion that did not recognize Yahusha as the Son of Yahuah. I really was drawn to Buddhism but could not follow it because there was no room for Yahusha/Jesus. Of course I have come to realise that this was Yahusha drawing me to Him without my even knowing it. I was being called, praise Yahusha!!!

Yes, I came from New Age and many, many strong Christians have come from there so withhold your judgements on New Agers because all is not yet lost. Russ Dizdar, Glynda Lomax and Bill Schnoebelen just to name a few, came from the New Age. I was into a thing at the time called Eckankar. I also had read the Book of Revelation and knew deep down in my soul that every word of that book was true and real and whats worse is…I knew I was going to be alive when it happened. That prospect did not thrill me, I must say, in fact at the time it scared the pants off of me. So I believe I was given these dreams to assure me that I would be protected. How ironic is that? That is how AWESOME and GOOD and MERCIFUL and KIND our Yahusha is! He was comforting me BEFORE I became His exclusively.

So I will print one at time…there are probably 4-5 as I recall them and here we go.

In the first one I find myself walking down a city street in America…where I can’t say for sure. It was completely deserted and in utter ruin with brick buildings crumbling, cars and remnents of buildings in the streets all askew, billborads torn in half and dangling, street lights knocked over and so on.

The sky was dark, like on a rainy day, overcast and the clouds were intense and rolling over each other with no split in them at all. I thought the sky looked really strange because back at that time we never saw clouds like that, but now we do all the time from the chemtrails.

As I was looking at the sky I realised that on either side of me were gargoyles…alive. They were hopping from ruinous building to building as I walked and occasionally one would run a ways ahead of the others and leap down to the street in front of me and wait as I approached. I would not stop walking and as I approached it would move off to the side. I was stalked like this by them for the whole dream. I them little attention at all.

Then as I was walking from around a corner came a HUGE male lion. He was absolutely regal! He was going in the opposite direction as me and we calmly passed each other as if we both knew the other was there. I did not think it starnge that a lion was loose in the city…I seemed to know Him and He, me.

Continuing on I passed what appeared to be a parking garage also deserted and crumbling. But inside I saw three little kittens. It was the ONLY sign of life that I had seen and was thrilled to see them! I ran inside and got down on my hands and kness saying “here, kitty, kitty” whilst holding out my hand. They were skittish and unsure but slowly began to approach me and just before I was about to touch one I heard a voice. A deep, gentle, kindly voice saying “Be careful, things are NOT what they seem to be.” I pulled my hand back and at just that moment all three kittens turned into gargoyles that scattered in separate directions! Praise Yahuah for His protection and kindness.

This is where the dream ended. I would love to hear comments from you guys as to what you think that was about…but this is what I got:

Obviously something horrid had happened that had obliterated most life from at least this city, if not the world. But in spite of this terrible incident I remained untouched by it due to His love and protection which continues to shelter me throughout the dream. The gargoyles (demons) could not touch me without MY PERMISSION which I almost gave them without even knowing it. I believe the Lion to be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and I believe this may have been after being taken by Him because we both knew each other and were not surprised at all by our meeting.

As I say I would love to hear what you guys make of it as well. May Yahuah bless and keep you all safe.


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